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About the Training Centre

All of our customer product training courses are designed to focus on safe and efficient operation and maintenance of your Kongsberg Maritime equipment.  

From hands on experience on full sized products, to operator training in our virtual reality simulators, all our courses are designed to give participants a detailed, yet practical view of each system or product.

A wide range of courses can be tailored to your individual needs or you can select from the standardized courses;

Automation for Technical Personnel

  • Helicon X, remote control system, Maintenance training 
  • Helicon X3, remote control system, Maintenance training 
  • Acon, automation system, Techncial training 
  • Acon LNG, automation system, Operation and Maintenance training 
  • Power Electric Propulsion System, Operation and Maintenance training
  • Power Management System, Operation and Maintenance training

Automation for Bridge Crew

  • Acon, automation system, Operator training 

Deck Machinery for technial Personnel

  • Steering gir, type SR/SV, Operation and maintenance training
  • Towcon RT, AHT Winch - technical, Maintenance training
  • Rig anchor and mooring winch system, Operation training

Deck Machinery for Operators

  • AHT Winch - Operation. Operation training

EA & C for Bridge Crew

  • Unified Bridge ABC

Engines for Technical Personnel

  • Bergen Diesel Engine, Maintenance training
  • Bergen gas engine, Maintenance training
  • Bergen diesel and gas engine, Basic level 1 training

Maritime Simulators for Bridge Crew

  • Azipull manoeuvring training
  • Carbon Azipull manoeuvering training

Propulsion for Technical Personnel

  • Reduction gear, type AGSC/AGHC, Maintenance training

Seismic & Subsea for Operators

  • Seismic - Observer, Operator training

Seismic & Subsea for Technical Personnel

  • Seismic - hydraulic, Maintenance training
  • Seismic - hydraulic and electric, Maintenance training

Simulator for Bridge Crew

  • Autocrossing

Thrusters for Technical Personnel

  • Azimuth thruster, type Azipull, Maintenance training
  • Tunnel thruster, type TT, Maintenance training

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Contact Person Synnøve Elise Moe Kolvik
Telephone +47 70 23 51 00
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Address Borgundveien 340
Ålesund, Norway
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