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Subsea Crane for Engineers

Course Description

The course aim to give knowledge, understanding and practical skills within:
- Deck tugger winches
- Normal operation
- Operational limits
- Planning
- Communication
- Weight indicator system
- Load chart
- Compensation systems
- Crane tugger winches
- Anti-heeling system

Basic knowledge with subsea crane operations.

- Operate a subsea crane
- Introduction of forces affecting lifts through the whole lifting operation
- Use of crane tugger winches
- Use of active/passive heave compensation
- Planning of lifting operations
- Introduction of anti heeling system
- UHF/VHF communications
- Use of procedures

PDF course description: Subsea Crane for Engineers

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Date Price
09/11/2022 – 11/11/2022
Subsea Crane for Engineers, Subsea Crane for Engineers
NOK 17,300.00
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