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Offshore Loading Phase 1 with DP Cap

Course Description

This course aim to improve the participants knowledge, understanding and skills in the following overall learning
- Obtain competence of forces involved, related to ship handling in general, and offshore loading in particular
- Obtain competence of planning and manual manoeuvring in port, narrow waters and at offshore loading installations
- Obtain competence of the Equinor, Teekay and OGUK’s requirements for training of shuttle tanker personnel
- Improve skills in performing good Bridge Team Cooperation and communication
- Improve competence in use of all propulsion machinery, navigational equipment, steering systems and deck equipment involved

Masters, Chief Officers and Junior Officers employed on offshore vessels as OOW/DPO.

Completed DP CAP exercises (Preparation and Start), DPO Preparation/ DP Basic, Minimum valid D4 Certificate
of Competency. A prerequisite for attending this course is completed DP CAP exercises for this level. The course is reduced to 3 days based on completed on board training.


Offshore Loading Phase 1 in combination with DP...


Until further notice, the courses will be run with restrictions due to the Covid-19 outbreak.





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Date Price
09/12/2020 – 11/12/2020
Offshore Loading Phase 1 with DP Cap, Offshore Loading Phase 1 with DP Cap
NOK 38,100.00
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