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K-Sim Navigation Operator Course 1 Online

Course Description

New users of K-SIM Navigation and Offshore Simulators will learn how to operate the instructor station and the different functions and panels available on the simulated bridge.


Instructors at maritime colleges and training centres with K-SIM Navigation and Offshore Simulators installed.


Following topics will be covered:

-The philosophy of K-SIM Navigation
-Using the instructor station
-Creating an exercise
-Communication; demonstration and Practice


Qualified nautical lectures with some experience in the use of navigation or ship handling simulators. General background in the use of Windows-based applications.


K-Sim Navigation Operator course 1


Online courses:

All scheduled courses are planned to be held online. The courses are initially intended to be executed in Central European Time (CET), but we are able to shift the start and end of the courses to suit participants from The Americas and Asia. Please contact us at maritimesimulation.support@kdi.kongsberg.com for more information.


Hardware requirements for online courses:

- Desktop or laptop computer with internet connection

- Two displays of at least 24 inches are strongly recommended

- Headphones with microphone

- Wireless/wired mouse with scroll wheel

- Microsoft Teams installed and configured with your Microsoft Teams account

- Our remote client (link to download software will be provided by KDI)

- Web camera

- A wired internet connection of at least 10/10 Mbit is strongly recommended

 K-Sim NAV OP1 Online Program

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