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K-Bridge ECDIS Familiarization Course, Remote

Course Description


The course will be conducted remotely with online live instructor through Video conferencing, and the participants will get access to K-ECDIS SW 8 software running on a simulator.
After the successful completion of the course, the participant should be able to:
  • Understand the K-Bridge ECDIS system overview
  • Operate the system with all available functions in order to navigate safely under all conditions
  • Explain the system's menu structure
  • Explain and utilize the system's display setup
  • Set safety values
  • Recognize alarm and malfunction indicators and actions to be taken
  • Planning and validating routes
  • Monitor routes on the system
  • Change over to backup systems
  • Install and update charts and licenses

Navigating (Deck) Officers.


K-Bridge ECDIS Familiarization 


To have the best outcome of the course, you should have access to a PC with a Monitor of minimum 22” or a lap-top with an additional monitor of minimum 22”. Systems recommended are:
  • An internet connection – broadband wired or wireless (4G/LTE)
  • Speakers and a microphone – built-in or USB plug-in or wireless Bluetooth 
  • A webcam or HD webcam - built-in or USB plug-in


The course will be arranged in the Time Zone of the geographical location listed for the course. To pinpoint the Time Zone of the host location, click to open Time Zone Converter.


Due to the current situation in Europe and strict Company policies we need to get a confirmation of nationality from each course participant attending our courses.

Scheduled Courses

Courses with Future Dates

Date Price
22/08/2023 – 25/08/2023
K-Bridge ECDIS Familiarization Course, Remote, K-Bridge ECDIS Familiarization Course, Remote
NOK 10,600.00
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