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DNVGL DPO Re-Certification, Preparatory Course

Course Description


This course aims to provide navigators on DP vessels knowledge and skills to succsessfully renew the DNVGL DPO certificate.

By the end of the course the students shall have:

  • Knowledge of the simulator bridge and the equipment
  • The capability to operate the DP System in modes relevant to offshore loading operations; i.e. Joystick, Auto Pos, Approach, Weather Wane, Follow target, Auto track
  • The ability to carry out any Offshore Loading Operation accordingto field procedures, guidelines and to best practice


Certified navigators with DP experience, working onboard shuttle tankers worldwide, who is seeking DNV GL DPO certification:

  • Recertification within DNVGL DPO scheme,
  • Converting from other DPO schemes

The participants must have completed initial DP Training:

  • Be holder of a valid STCW-qualified deck officer certificate and DPO certificate
  • Completed sea time requirements in compliance With DNVGL DPO scheme


  • DNVGL Standard for certification no. 0023
  • DNVGL Standard for Certification no. 0008
  • DNVGL Recommended practice   no. 0007




DNVGL DPO Recertification Preparatory course

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