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DP Simulator Course - NI approved

Course Description

The DP Simulator course is the second course of the Nautical Institute (NI) DP Operator Certification Scheme. This course will provide participants with further insight, experience and confidence in performing offshore operations under DP control by using our Advanced Offshore Simulator (K-SIM).

In order to confirm your reservation, we need some information/documents:
1 - Your passport number;
2 - Your full address, including zip code;
3 - All filled pages of your logbook scanned;
4 - Your COC

DP Operator Trainees

DP Induction Course and a minimum of 60 days documented seagoing familiarisation on a DP capable vessel. You must apply for the NI certificate no later than five years after completing the DP Induction course. 

For information related to the NI scheme, please visit: Nautical Institute Website

Guide for masters who are signing off DPOs logbooks see link: Guide for masters


DP Simulator Course - Nautical Institute


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