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DP Induction - NI Online Exam

Course Description

This Online exam must be completed at a Nautical Institute accredited centre. Contact your local centre for more information.

Please note: If you would like to attend the TestReach Remote Invigilation Exam, please contact your Training Centre.


Deck Officers, DP operator trainees and other users of DP systems who would like to start the Nautical Institute’s DP Operator Certification Scheme.


Relevant DP courses and practice/training onboard a DP vessel in order to cover the content of the competence standard. Highly recommend to prepare for exam by following one of the KM courses listed below:

  • Requirements set in STCW Regulation II/1 - II/2 - II/3 Deck
  • Completed DP Induction Course - NI approved, Remote (Theoretical and practical online training)


Please contact your local Kongsberg Maritime training centre at; km.training@kongsberg.com or find a suitable time listed below for booking of your online exam.

When completed online Exam; you will get:

  • A Kongsberg Maritime AS diploma confirming passing of the online Exam
  • We will date, stamp and sign the section; Phase A in your Logbook


For information relating to the NI scheme, please visit: Nautical Institute Website

Guide for masters who are signing off DPOs logbooks: Guide for Masters

The DPO can record on this logbook maximum of 60 days DP time prior to returning to a Training Centre for online exam.


DP Induction Course - Nautical Institute



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