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Combination Courses

For customers who require multiple courses from KONGSBERG, we offer compressed combination course packages to reduce our customers' travel cost, both through reduced number of travels and shorter course duration. 



As all our courses consist of several smaller submodules, we can shorten the total duration of your courses by removing overlapping content, such as introductions, common Hardware modules, Network modules etc.



Examples of typical combination packages are:

  • K-Pos Maintenance & K-Bridge Maintenance
  • K-Chief Step 1 & K-Chief Step 2
  • KPOS Maintenance & HIPAP Technical
  • K-Chief Operator & K-Safe Operator
  • K-Pos Maintenance, K-Chief Step 1 & K-Chief Step 2


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If you are unable to find a course or date that meets your needs, try a different location or contact us so that we can find an alternative solution.

All available courses within this category are listed below. Click on a course for a list of locations and dates for this course.

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