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Customised & Vessel Specific Courses

Kongsberg Maritime Vessel specific and customer specific training courses.




To meet any specific training requirements we offer both standard and customised courses that focus on how to operate and maintain the product.

Standard courses will be available on our training portal:


In addition we offer a wide variety of high-end, customised packages on request, for instance:

  • Vessel specific courses
  • Operation specific courses
  • Scenario courses
  • Emergency Response Courses
  • Onboard/Onsite Training
  • Remote Training
  • Advisory services

For more information on Customised courses, please see the next pages. For booking of a Customised course, please contact us directly on






In order to give each customer exactly what you need, we offer to do a quick analysis of your crews’ competence before you order your training. As all our courses consist
of many smaller submodules, we are able to compose a course that fills your competence gap exactly. It could be a combination of several different products and you will get a separate diploma for each main topic covered in the course.

At sea, almost every ship is different from the next and generic training will only get you to a certain point. We offer vessel specific courses, where we use your ship’s exact software, your exact drawings, your vessel’s configuration and hardware setup during the course.

By using our knowledge about the vessel, its layout and technology together with the reporting data found in our service desk system, we are able to address questions and issues in our courses that will be utmost relevant to your personnel.



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