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Advisory Services

KONGSBERG MARITIME have a proud history of helping our customers reach their goals. We have a unique combination of operational knowledge and access to data. When customers have ideas or challenges that initiate concepts, we are proud to support them through the process, and create new solutions all the way, until they have a safe and efficient, economic and environmentalfriendly operation. 

With both maritime, technical and operational competence, we work closely together with our customers to develop the best solutions. Our long experience with a wide variety of challenges every day, all over the globe, makes our services exceptional


As part of Kongsberg Maritime Training & Advisory, Advisory Services’ main focus is to assist operators and ship owners to perform marine operations in a safe and secure manner.

By use of engineering simulation tools and coupled analysis of positioning, vessel systems and the industrial mission, ADVISORY SERVICES  can suggest the safest vessel setup and find the optimum tuning of the systems to deliver a safe and green  operation. We combine the product expertise and operational experience with state-of-the-art simulation tools, enabling our clients to operate the equipment correctly under different, changing and challenging operational conditions. Engineering simulation is often performed in connection with operational challenges related to power and thruster capabilities and DP performance.

In KM, we use SIMO and SIMA simulation tools, and when needed, these are directly coupled to KM DP vessel specific SW.

For operational set-up, it is often more convenient to use K-Sim bridge simulators, enabling situation awareness to be addressed in workshops for personnel involved in the operation in a controlled environment. 

We group our Advisory Services into the following three main categories:

  • Engineering simulations
  • Operational simulations
  • Operational support

Engineering simulations

  • Model test in tank
  • High Fidelity Simulations incl. Real DP system
  • SIMA– Fully Coupled Simulations
  • Dynamic Capability Assessment
  • Examples:
    • Follow target – Test of operational limits
    • Drift of Analysis
      • Heading restrictions
      • Analysis of time to safety Zone
    • Hawserless Offloading operation

Operational simulations

  • Offshore loading
    • Positioning strategy
    • Field and Vessel Simulation Models
    • Development of DP software models
    • Function verification in simulator
    • Verification of alternative offloading concepts
  • Navigation Studies
    • Harbour Development
    • Jetty positioning
    • Tug Operation
    • Joint crew training
  • Ship Manoeuvring
    • Confined waters
    • STS lightering
    • Tug Operation
  • Crane and lifting operations
    • Offshore and subsea crane
    • Joint set up with ship simulator
    • Heavy lift operation
    • Blind zone studies
    • Joint crew training

Operational support

  • Operational procedure  development
    • Company specific Manuals and Checklists review 
  • Operational Optimalization
  • Operational Pre – Simulation 
  • Test of Operational limits


  • Lower risk by handle challenges in advance
  • Consistent practices with good procedures
  • Building confidence by preparing the involved team members
  • Avoid Costly Mistakes with the right decision support
  • Predict operation limitation and get maximum utilization of the system
  • Reduce training cost with pinpointing the training for the right scenario
  • Lower fuel consumption by using predefined setting for different weather scenarios

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