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About Us


The Kongsberg group has existed since 1814 and we delivered our first maritime products in 1946. With more than 30 years of expertise in maritime training and learning services and a network of global training centers, we develop the skills of around 2000 people every year. We have a network of global training centres and if you require training in a specific region we will do our utmost to deliver the training there




Is to help our customers world-wide in your efforts towards predictable, safe and un-interrupted operations throughout the lifecycle of our delivered products. People are the bridge between advanced technology and optimal operations - investing in developing their abilities is the key to efficient operations as well as preventing interruptions and loss.



To meet any specific training requirements we offer both standard and customized courses that focus on how to operate and maintain the product.

Standard courses will be available on our training portal:


In addition we offer a wide variety of high-end, customized packages on request, for instance:

  • Vessel specific courses
  • Operation specific courses
  • Scenario based training 
  • Emergency response training
  • Onboard/Onsite training
  • Remote training
  • Advisory services

For more information on Customised courses, please see Customised Courses tab. 



A competent crewmember will be able to deescalate a situation and prevent incidents from becoming accidents. Competent operation and utilization of complex systems may save millions through quicker execution of operations and lower maintenance cost. On the other hand, incidents with lost operational time and damaged equipment involve considerable cost and loss of revenue. Over time, safe and efficient operation results in increased profit – the cost of Training is miniscule in comparison.

In order to verify that our participants have gained real competence, we have integrated various forms of assessment methods into our training programmes. We can perform theoretical pre- and post- assessment as well as practical assessments using simulators.



In order to give each customer exactly what you need, we offer to do a quick analysis of your crews’ competence before you order your training. As all our courses consist of many smaller submodules, we are able to compose a course that fills your competence gap exactly. It could be a combination of several different products and you will get a separate diploma for each main topic covered in the course.

At sea, almost every ship is different from the next and generic training will only get you to a certain point. We offer vessel specific courses, where we use your ship’s exact software, your exact drawings, your vessel’s configuration and hardware setup during the course.

By using our knowledge about the vessel, its layout and technology together with the reporting data found in our service desk system, we are able to address questions and issues in our courses that will be utmost relevant to your personnel.



We take pride in our world-class team of instructors in Kongsberg Maritime Products and integrated systems. Our instructors have a variety of backgrounds, including project engineers, service engineers, Bridge Officers and teachers. We have immediate access to the KM Product & Technology developers, which gives us a unique possibility to acquire up-to-date, thorough system knowledge, for direct benefit of our customers. 

Another essential key to creating a great learning experience is having instructors capable of transferring their wisdom to others. All our instructors must successfully complete our comprehensive instructor training program including “The Art of Instruction” module, which ensures that the instructor is capable of creating a positive learning environment where the participants gain the competence and confidence to maintain and operate Kongsberg systems in a safe and efficient way.

The combination of deep system knowledge, operational competence and the instructors’ ability to educate, results in very powerful learning experiences for our customers.



The more realistic training you have undertaken, the better prepared you will be for the real operation. The core of our mission is to bring the participants up to a level where they are able to handle normal operations efficiently and prepared to handle unexpected situations and emergencies. Using real examples from our incident database, we continuously aim to update the training such that similar situations will be deescalated and repetition of incidents is avoided.

We encourage you to use your own real procedures in our high-end simulators with instructors that know the systems best. You may want to practice general and emergency procedures or to prepare for specific complex operations. In our higher level training offers for single customers, we encourage open experience sharing and discussions across crew members and units in order to prevent new incidents through learning from each other's experiences.

In any case, we can offer expert technical and operational advice before, during and after the exercise, in accordance with your preferences.



Combining in-house product knowledge and operational competence, enables Advisory Services to offer assistance in:

  • preparing operational procedures
  • revising operation and training manualsp
  • reparing ASOGs
  • facilitate simulator workshops for verification and familiarization by use of engineering simulation tools, establish DP operation limits



For upmost realistic training experiences in operational scenarios, we develop, deliver and utilize state-of-the-art simulators, delivering powerful “at sea” experiences on shore.

Basic theory and principles may be learned through e-learning or classroom lessons. Practical skills are achieved using basic trainers and simulators, while operational procedures and crew coordination involve the use of our more advanced crew trainers and state-of-the-art simulators.

Sound operator skills and attitudes are developed using operational scenarios that allow the operators to learn in a safe but realistic environment.


Contact us 

New common email address for all Norway locations - training@km.kongsberg.com    



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